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Place Projects is a high quality residential sales organisation, with a proven track record of customer satisfaction.

We empower our clients with information to make informed decisions on areas including site selection, development creation, and buying opportunities.

Our passion for innovation and exceptional results ensures interaction with quality people, quality properties and quality marketing.


Looking for your next residential purchase? You can take comfort from the fact that we know your market.
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APARTMENT | Issue 12 Spring 2020

Lachlan Walker // Place Advisory, Thu 24 Sep 2020

APARTMENT | Issue 11 Winter 2020

Lachlan Walker // Place Advisory, Tue 21 Jul 2020

SUNSHINE COAST APARTMENT | Issue 03 Winter 19/20

Shannon England // Place Advisory, Wed 17 Jun 2020

Property Market Check-In Report

Shannon England // Place Advisory, Tue 26 May 2020