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With a wealth of experience in marinas, waterfront residential properties and tourism-related real estate, the team at Place Projects has successfully operated in various locations, ranging from the picturesque Gold Coast in the south to stunning Cairns in the north.

Notably, our expertise extends to both the Queensland mainland and the exclusive island marinas and resorts of Hamilton Island and Magnetic Island. 

It is important to note that selling and marketing lifestyle real estate demands a distinct set of knowledge, skills and experience compared to inner-city residential properties. Our team at Place possesses the specialised expertise required for handling lifestyle real estate transactions. We have a proven track record of excellent results in this area. 

We take pride in offering our consultancy services to developers looking to establish major tourism and marina-related projects. By deeply understanding the development process, we can provide invaluable guidance and support throughout the entire project journey. From market analysis and design to comprehending market demands during the due diligence and feasibility stages, we ensure that our clients receive clear advice and assistance. 

Our commitment to providing value to our clients extends throughout the planning and sales processes. Leveraging our extensive knowledge and experience, we work diligently to enhance the outcomes of each project we undertake. At Place Projects, we are dedicated to fostering success for our clients and delivering exceptional results.

Below are some of our past Marina experiences.

Shute Harbour Marina

Location: Shute Harbour

The 300million dollar Shute Harbour Marina development was launched to the market for pre-sales in 2002. Place Projects are involved in the sales and marketing to in the lead up to commencement of construction.
Hinchinbrook Harbour

Location: Port Hinchinbrook

From 2002 to 2009 Bruce Goddard directed the sales and marketing of land and berths at Port Hinchinbrook through the on-site display. After Cyclone Yassi and the demolition of the marina, Bruce has been involved working to reset the project, and has been appointed by the receiver to sell the assets to a new owner for redevelopment.
Seahaven Residential Marina

Location: Innisfail

The approved but undeveloped site of 179 residential lots with marina berths and the 55-berth marina has been offered to the market by Bruce Goddard and the Place Projects team. The plan is to bring this project to reality.
Hope Island Marina

Location: Hope Island

The team at Place Projects were appointed after the GFC slowdown to handle the sales and marketing of the final 83 marina berths. These sales were all affected over a 9-month period.
Townsville Marina Precinct

Location: Townsville

The Townsville Marina precinct was sold in 2005. Bruce Goddard was involved in subdividing various development sites surrounding the marina. 27 Lots with decks and pontoons were created on the easter boundary of the marina and were sold. All the development sites were sold to various developers. The Townsville Marina was sold by Bruce Goddard in 2012.
Magnetic Island Marina

Location: Magnetic Island

The Magnetic Island Marina was developed from 2001 to 2007. The project comprised 110 marina berths, 27 large waterfront lots with berths, 6 medium density smaller sites, a commercial site, a Peppers resort, and the Magnetic Island Ferry Terminal. Bruce Goddard was involved in the sales and marketing from start to finish of this exciting project.
Bluewater Harbour

Location: Cairns

The Bluewater project is a waterfront residential and marina project located in Trinity Park Cairns. This site was purchased from a Japanese receiver by Consolidated Property Group in 2003. Bruce Goddard was involved in the sales and marketing from the start of this project. There were some 130 canal front lots, with a small number of adjoining dry lots in the initial offering. There was a commercial area with an 80-berth public marina.
Hamilton Island Marina’s only residential development with berths

Location: Hamilton Island

Generally, marina berths are not for sale in Hamilton Island Marina. Bruce Goddard and the PRD Hamilton Island team were tasked to tender a site on the southern side of the marina for a luxury apartment development being offered with long term leases on adjoining large marina berths. The preferred developer was selected, all apartments and set record prices at that time.