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Sunshine Coast Sea Changer Surge

More Australians are now prepared to consider housing options outside of the capital cities, which has seen net internal migration rates to regional Australia reach record highs. According to the latest Commonwealth Bank regional movers report, the Sunshine Coast has become the second most popular destination for people moving away from capital cities to regional Queensland and regional NSW. Of the top five local government areas for regional migration, the Sunshine Coast recorded the largest growth in migration from capital cities over the quarter and year to March 2021, owing to the mass migration brought on my covid-19. Migration to the Sunshine Coast grew by 24% in the March 2021 quarter, and by 14% over the year.

Australia’s regional housing boom shows no sign of abating, with data showing that over the last year the Sunshine Coast outperformed the eye-watering price growth of Brisbane, with apartment prices increasing by 24% and house prices increasing by 28%.

SC Migration GRAPH 1SC Migration GRAPH 2