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Where are Brisbane investors coming from?

Place Advisory has been analysing buyer trends. In this short blog we take a look at buyers who invested in an Inner Brisbane apartment in 2018 and who were also based within Brisbane area at the time of sale. We have analysed the distances between the buyer and the purchased apartment and broken this down by suburb for the Inner Brisbane region. Investor buyer trends and interesting insights have been uncovered. Use our interactive map of Brisbane to search through suburbs of Inner Brisbane and find the median distance of apartment investors and compare between suburbs.

Prepared by Place Advisory. Source: PriceFinder. Analysis R-Studio. Visualisation: Tableau
Please note: Some popular apartment suburbs outside of Inner Brisbane have been included in the Visualisation.

Overall the median distance for Inner Brisbane of apartment investors in 2018 was 4.65 kilometres, excluding those investors that were not from the Brisbane area. This indicates that Brisbane investors generally tend to prefer buying in a property nearby.

The Inner Brisbane suburb of Yeronga recorded the longest distance of 12.8km followed by Woolloongabba at 11.7km, almost 3 km longer than the next suburb. In contrast, Hawthorne recorded the shorted median distance of only 400 metres. This short distance was evident among all suburbs in the Bulimba peninsula with Bulimba and Balmoral recording distances of 1.5km and 900 metres respectively. Clearly, the majority of investors in apartments in this area also reside here.